Grey Henson Bio, Married, Gay, Movies

Talented stage actor Grey Henson blows his birthday candles on 2nd reveals his age...born and raised in Macon, Georgia...good influence of his or even married life has...his sexuality in...appeared in various movies and TV shows which...stands at a tall height...premiere of Broadway's Mean of 2019...

Grey Henson Bio, Married, Gay, Movies

Born in 1990, the talented stage actor, Grey Henson, blows his birthday candles on 2nd July every year.

Grey Henson, age 29, has appeared in various movies and TV shows which has proved his acting potentials and skills.

A few of his mentionable works include Suburgatory (2011), Theater Talk (1996) and Broadway Draft 2015 (2015).

In addition to that, viewers can catch him playing the character of Damian Hubbard in the Broadway production of Mean Girls that premiered in 2018.

Grey Henson Bio: Family Insight

Grey was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, where his parents, Paige Henson and Jonny Henson, provided him proper upbringing.

And undoubtedly, one of the primary reasons that he is a star performer today is due to the good influence of his family. 

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Moreover, Grey's family is very supportive of Grey as they often visit his functions and movie premiere.

On a similar stance, the whole Henson family, that includes Grey's parents and brother, Jack, appeared for the grand premiere of Broadway's Mean Girls on 8th April 2018. 

Grey Henson, second from the right, attends the premiere of Mean Girls with his brother, Jack, left, mother, Paige Henson, and father, Johnny Henson (right) on 8 April 2018 (Photo:

This shows the love and admiration of the Hanson family for every other member of the family.

It is a good example for people learning how to balance professional and personal life, with understanding nature and love. 

Is Grey Henson Gay?

Well, if you ever had heard any rumors regarding Grey Henson being a gay, that surely is untrue. His sexuality as a straight has always been an open book.

So why exactly is Grey being mentioned as gay now and then?

To clear all the confusion, know that, although he is a real-life straight sex male, he plays a character of gay on-screen. This is the reason why he is mentioned around the gay topic on some stances. 

He plays the gay character of Damian in the 2004 smash hit movie, Mean Girls' musical adaptation in 2018.

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Damian succeeded in winning the hearts of a lot of audiences which helped him to raise his fame. 

Personal Life: Dating Or Married?

Grey Henson, who stands at a tall height and possesses an attractive personality, must have grabbed the attention of beautiful ladies around the years. 

However, his dating or even married life has not been out in the media to date. Adding to this context, Grey himself confirmed through a post on his Instagram handle that he was single as of 28th January 2019

Hence, no further speculations can be made around his personal life because he is not hiding anything from his fans and admirers. 

Moving on, Grey being single currently does not mean that he might not have engaged in any relationship before.

But his privacy has hindered all his dating/relationship details from coming out in public. 

Nevertheless, with all his good looks and down-to-earth nature, he is sure to find his perfect match soon, with whom he would love to live life forever.