Eric Nies Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth

By Arun Katuwal | On: 08 Oct, 2019
Eric Nies Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth

Born in 1971, the American actor Eric Nies blows his birthday candles on 23rd May every year.

Although he is famous by the name, Eric Nies, he goes by the real name, Eric John Nies, by birth.

The 48-year-old actor is known for his performances in movies and TV shows, including Above The Rim, Food Hero Mimi Kozma, and The Brady Bunch Movie.

As of now, he lives in New York, United States, with his family, as the best days of his life. 

Eric Nies Married To Wife Or Gay?

The very handsome looking television actor and reality star Eric Nies carries a very personified charm and aura, that takes the women around him to go crazy for him.

Hence, it is no doubt that the actor must have dated many women in his life.

But although one goes on numerous dates, flirts, and stays in relationships, they once have to think about their future with one person with whom they can live their life to the end.

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Similarly, Eric, too, found the perfect lady of his life at the perfect time who has been together with him for a while now.

The lady of his life goes by the name Iona with whom he married in a beautiful location of Vietnam.

However, both Eric and Iona have not clearly mentioned their wedding dates, which keeps their personal life details in the darkness.

Eric Nies and his wife Iona reveals their relationship details in 2014 (Photo:

But on the brighter side, the two believe that they are two parts of one soul, which is itself a statement of how much of a close bond they share as husband and wife. 

Moving on, Eric and Iona are not the only part of their gay family, as they are parents of their baby boy who must have added more fragments in the flower-like-parenthood.

His Bio, Family

The native of Ocean Township, New Jersey, was brought up by his family members.

The more vital parts of his childhood were his parents, who looked after him in every phase of his life. 

Eric, who was the youngest of four children of his parents, was the naughtiest as he would do things that made his mother stay careful all the time. 

Nevertheless, Eric was equally loved by his parents, like his other siblings.

Speaking about his parents, Eric’s mother, Anna May, was a nursery school manager, whereas his father, Jack, was a National Basketball Association referee.

Moreover, Eric must have had a great childhood with his siblings, John Nies, Kim A. Nies, and Tara Nies Kolesar.

Net Worth

With great work and career comes equally great fame and money.

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Well, this statement matches the journey of the talented actor, Eric Nies, as he has made a successful career and reached a good height from his hard work and dedication. 

He first appeared on-screen with MTV's hit reality television show, The Real World, as one of the prominent characters. 

After that, there was no stopping for him as he kept working, and in the meantime, he kept on collecting the audience's love and admiration.

Hence, Eric, today, sits with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, which he utilizes to live a comfortable life.