Elijah Allan-Blitz Dating, New Romance, Brie Larson

Elijah Allam Blitz's bio reveals that he has reached the age of 32...stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters)...in his family, his mother died after a long battle of cancer...made his profession as an actor...spotted kissing Brie Larson...might have found new romance in Brie...rumor to be dating his new girlfriend...previously dated an actress...

Elijah Allan-Blitz Dating, New Romance, Brie Larson

Elijah Allan-Blitz is best known for portraying the role of Jeffrey in the TV series, The Shield, and Sniper in the short movie, Envoy. Besides acting, he is also a director and producer. 

Recently, Elijah caught the attention of media after he was spotted kissing a beautiful lady in Calabasas, Calif.

On the picture, the duo was sharing a passionate embrace and lip-locking in the parking lot. 

People got more curious to know more about the lady who was on Elijah embrace. Let's get to know detailed about the lady who stole the heart of an actor.

Elijah Allan-Blitz Blooming New Romance

It really seems like love is in the air! 

The romance between Elijah Allan-Blitz and his new partner, who is none other than the Oscar winner, Brie Larson, is more than just blooming.

Born to French Canadian father, Brie spoke French as her first language. During her childhood, she was homeschooled and also shares a close bond with her mother. 

Due to Brie's shy nature, she suffered social anxiety and eventually at the age of six, Brie expressed her interest in becoming an actress. 

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Sadly, Brie experienced great trauma due to her parents' divorce. After the divorce, Brie's mother moved to Los Angeles with Brie and her sister. Eventually, Brie heightened her career from her profession and has contributed to the entertainment industry with more than 20 films and TV series.

Moving towards Elijah and Brie's romance, Elijah has found a new romance in his partner, Brie. Elijah and Brie might be dating, but they have not spoken openly to the public about their relationship.

They were indeed spotted kissing in the parking lot, looking full of love. But as they are yet to make their relationship public, people can only wait for the news confirmation. 

Elijah Allan-Blitz lip-locks with actress Brie Larson in July 2019 (Photo: eonline.com)

Previously, Elijah was dating the NCIS actress, Maria Bello. But the relationship did not last long as they eventually parted their ways. However, Brie has also dated some of the well-known personalities. In 2006 to 2007, Brie was in a relationship with the American actor and musician, Cody Linley. 

Later, Brie started dating American actor, John Patrick Amedori, till 2012. After her failed relationships, Brie soon found love in Alex Greenwald. Brie and Alex got engaged in May 2016, but in early 2019, the duo called off their engagement as well as their relationship. 

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Now, Brie and Elijah have not been able to keep off their hands off of each other; hopefully, they sprinkle some more sugar to their blooming romance. 

Short Bio

Standing tall at the height of 6 feet (1.83 meters), Elijah was born in 1987.

However, very less is known about his family through his Instagram posts.

On 8th May 2019, he shared a picture of his mother and also mentioned that his mother died after the long battle of cancer. Elijah also said that he has two brothers but has not disclosed their identity. 

Elijah often posts about his family on his social media account, remembering them, and showing love towards them.