Charlie Barnett Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth

Charlie Barnett is an actor famous for his role movies and TV reveals about his a girlfriend as he revealed...believes that being gay helped him...a family of mixed the age of...the height of 6 feet 1 inch...a significant amount of net worth...participated in operas, musicals and...came out as gay at the age of 13...

Charlie Barnett Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth

Quick Information

Charlie Barnett is an actor famous for his role as Peter Mills in NBC drama series, Chicago Fire. With the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters), the handsome actor is best known for his role in the movies, Men in Black 3, Private Romeo and Chicago P.D.

He also played the role of Alan Zaveri in Russian Doll opposite Natasha Lyonne and as Gabe in You. His most notable role was in the film The Stand-In, and he featured in the episode, The Reverse Midas Touch in Orange is the New Black.

His career in the entertainment field began at the age of 6 when he discovered theatre. He participated in operas, musicals and went on to participate in the Carnegie Mellon Musical Theatre Summer Program.

Throughout his career, working in the entertainment industry, specifically in movies and TV shows, Charlie has managed to accumulate a significant amount of net worth.

Charlie Barnett Bio: Family, Ethnicity

Charlie Barnett was born on 4 February 1988 in Sarasota, Florida, United States. He, along with his sister Anne Barnett, was adopted by his father, Bob Barnett and his mother, Danee Barnett. 

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His adoptive mother is from Utah with a Swedish background while his adoptive father is from Minnesota. As part of a family of mixed ethnicity, Charlie cherished the moments spent with his lovely family.

Charlie Barnett shares his childhood memory with his family on 18 June 2018 (Photo: Charlie Barnett's Instagram) 

Growing up with a father who was a boat-builder from the state of Minnesota, Charlie spent most of his childhood in a sailboat. At the age of 7, Charlie moved to the state of Florida with his family, but his love for sailing was still intact. 

With interest in acting from a very young age, Charlie attended The Julliard School to obtain his degree in Performing Arts. 

Charlie Barnett Gay, Dating Girlfriend? 

Looking at the roles he plays, the actor sure doesn’t mind letting his romantic side become the talk of the town. He doesn’t fail to portray his character inevitably.

Charlie shares a very romantic relationship with his on-screen partners and portrays the character in a justified way.

He played the role of a husband in the series, Secret and Lies, along with his co-star, Anna Lynne McCord who played the role of his wife.

Charlie Barnett with his co-star, Anna Lynne McCord on 11 October 2016 (Photo: ABC Studios UK's Twitter)

Charlie might have gone on dating in his TV shows and movies with his on-screen girlfriends, but he is not dating a girlfriend in real life. Many might wonder why this good looking actor is not dating, but well! He did mention his partner in one of his interviews. 

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Just that he won’t be dating a girlfriend as he came out as gay at the age of 13. The actor has been open about his sexuality to the world, but some might still be unaware of it. 

As a talented and skilled actor, Charlie believes that being gay helped him in his path of acting.