Buddy Handleson Bio, Gay, Dating, Parents

Buddy Handleson, who once falaunted his relationship with his former boyfriend Logan Quintana on Instagram, seems to be currently single based on his social media presence.

Buddy Handleson Bio, Gay, Dating, Parents

The American actor Buddy Handleson has been in the entertainment business since 2009 and is mostly known for his works in Shake It Up and Wendell & Vinnie. Having already gained attention for his brilliant acting, the Disney star grabbed even more attention when he came out as gay through his Instagram handle in 2017.

Buddy Handleson’s Coming Out Story

The Shake It Up actor shook the media in 2017 when he came out as gay, posting an adorable picture with his then-beau, Logan Quintana. 

Staying behind the closet for several years, Handleson finally flaunted his boyfriend on his Instagram account formally introducing his newfound lover. The actor paired the cute picture of him kissing his boyfriend with a caption,

Experiencing SF and Pride with this guy was so amazing. we also helped my sister with a wedding, hence the aprons and flowers!!!! and now that I'm out to all of you, I finally get to show him off on the gram!!!

Moreover, he was supported by several of his friend and followers for how boldly he chose to unfold his sexuality. Handleson’s co-stars also jumped to the comment section appreciating the couple. For instance, actress Lilimar Hernandez wrote ‘It’s so beautiful seeing you this happy B! Keep slaying life pls.’

The couple surprised their ‘gram followers with more of their adorable moments together. The actor’s boyfriend later shared a couple-picture with Handleson, and wrote,

Had a wonderful vacation with my BF. He was my tour guide through the beautiful city of San Francisco?. Can't wait to go back!

Buddy Handleson and his former boyfriend, Logan Quintana. (Source: j-14)

Are They Still Together?

Though the love birds were more than perfect together, they seem to have parted their ways later. 

The fact that Handleson has removed all the social media posts with his Logan, highly suggests the couple are not together anymore. 

Moreover, there hasn’t been any news regarding the actor’s romantic involvement with anyone since his separation from his former boyfriend Logan. So, judging his social media presence, we can assume that the Nickelodeon actor is single currently. 

Handleson’s Personal Details and Net Worth

The 21-year-old was born on November 1, 1999, to his parents, jay and Athena Handleson. The California-born whose fascination with the cameras and the entertainment world began from a young age, embarked on the career early on in his life. 

Dedicated to sharpen his acting skill, Handleson took acting lessons with the trainer Romeo Marquez. Throughout his acting career since 2009, he has undertaken several television and film roles and is most recognized for roles in Wendell & Vinnie, Bella and the Bulldogs, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Shake It Up. Moreover, he has also been a part of the famous American teen sitcom, Hannah Montana. 

With such a flourishing career in the acting business, it’s no wonder that the young star has amassed a hefty net worth.