Benji Aflalo Bio: Age, Height, Married Status & Essential Facts

The Alone Together actor Benji Aflalo reveals his girlfriend through his social handle.

Benji Aflalo Bio: Age, Height, Married Status & Essential Facts

Quick Information

Benji Aflalo, best known for his contribution to the entertainment industry as a writer, actor, and stand-up comedian, enjoys romantic bliss with his girlfriend, Lauren Buys. 

The love story began fairly recently, and the two can’t help flaunt their togetherness through their social handles. 

Benji Aflalo’s Love Life

The Alone Together actor made his relationship Instagram official on May 15 when he uploaded pictures of his girlfriend, Lauren Buys, wishing her a 30th birthday. Then, pairing the post with a caption, he let the world know that he was no more single. 

“Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend! Stop with the DMs, boys, and girls! We’re taken,” he wrote with a humorous tone. 

Meanwhile, Lauren shared her appreciation for her boyfriend through her ‘gram, where she wrote

To say you’re the most remarkable person I’ve ever met would be an understatement. Thank you for the best birthday celebration I’ve ever had. I look forward to many more celebrations with you. 

However, before Aflalo made his relationship announcement, Lauren had already hinted they were dating when she took to her Instagram on March 11 to upload a cozy picture with the comedian.  

As she wrote in the caption, the picture was from when they were on a weekend trip to Miami. Since then, there have been several uploads on her ‘gram flaunting the pair’s togetherness, including their vacation trip to Italy and Costa Rica. 

Their swoon-worthy ‘gram posts of each other and the adorable captions dedicated to one another have had their followers convinced that they might end up getting married in the future. But it remains for us to see if this relationship will turn them into husband-wife.


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Past Relationship Rumors

Before his relationship announcement, the stand-up comedian was rumored to be romantically involved with actress Esther Povitsky. 

Undoubtedly, the rumor might have sparked since seeing them star together in Alone Together, a comedy series. The story plot in the TV series revolves around the main characters, portrayed by Aflalo and Esther, who are in a platonic relationship, but still, the people around can’t stop asking them if they are romantically involved. 

Besides, in real life, the duo shares a tight-knitted friendship and often appears on one another’s social handles. So seemingly, their closeness off-screen might have sparked the rumor of them dating. 

Clearing the air, both of them denied the rumor in an interview on Jan 9, 2018, where they said they were only friends.

And now, with his newfound romance, the actor has certainly shut off all the possible rumors regarding his love affairs.


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Know More About Benji Aflalo

Aflao, who celebrated his birthday on August 3, hasn’t revealed much information regarding his age. However, judging his appearance, he seems to be in his late 30s. With a fit physique and brown eyes, he stands at the height of 5-feet-6-inches.

As for his family members, their details remain unrevealed. But once, admiring the female figures in his life, he made a Twitter post where he mentioned his mom and sister run a company. 

Embarking into the entertainment industry, the comedian made his acting debut with the tv series Raising Dad in 2001. After appearing on a few tv-series and short videos, he made his writing debut in 2012 as a writer for The Burn with Jeff Ross. 

Not only that, but Aflalo is also a comedian who has toured as a headliner and gives his regular performances at The Comedy Store in L.A.

Out of all his works, he is best known for the series Alone Together that he created in 2018. With his notable act in the series, Aflalo has gained tremendous popularity. 

Although his accurate net worth is yet unknown, he is certain to have accumulated a hefty sum based on his excelling career.