Asia Kate Dillon Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, Dating

Billions star Asia Kate Dillon, has been in a relationship with Corinne Donly since 2017. They also talked about their past boyfriend in The Ellen Show. Their special role in Billions marks a significant value in bringing down gender barriers.

Asia Kate Dillon Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, Dating

Quick Information

Billions star Asia Kate Dillon, who self-identifies as a non-binary, has been using their platform to help break the gender stereotypes and shed light on the gender fluidity with their activism. Dillion’s love story with their non-binary partner, Corinne Donly, also happens to be a major inspiration to those going through the same journey as Dillon. 

Who is Dillon’s Partner?

As Dillon said in one of their Instagram posts, they began dating Corinne Donly, a theatre playwriter, in December 2017. 

However, Dillion calls it a ‘renewed romantic relationship’ with Donly, as Dillon has mentioned in an Instagram post, elaborating the details of the couple’s on and off journey in the past.   

Further, the post suggests the duo dated briefly in 2008, but it came to an end while they stayed out of contact with each other. Fated to be together again, the duo found their way back in 2017, and now their bond is stronger than ever. 

Asia Kate Dillon Partner

Asia Kate Dillon and Corinne Donly. ( Source: Instagram)

Dillon Had A Boyfriend?

In an early 2017 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Dillon mentioned having a boyfriend. The boyfriend was Christopher Hirsh, a producing director at Mirror/Fire production. 

Dillon also identified their then-boyfriend as a ‘self-identified man’ and further elaborated details on how they prefers using ‘singular they’ to be addressed in terms of their gender identity. 

Career and Net Worth

Dillon is most recognized for their roles as Brandy Epps, and Taylor Mason in the hits Orange Is the New Black and Billions, respectively.

They is also known for their vital representation of the non-binary community in such a powerful platform and for being a voice to the community. Further, Dillion is one of the first non-binary people to play a non-binary character in Hollywood, for which Dillon earned a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination.

When gender awareness is a key in discouraging the unfairness revolving around the traditional gender norms, Dillon portraying the non-binary role in Billions is immeasurably vital. 

Some of Dillon’s other prominent works are John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum and Gen: Lock. The actor’s flourishing career has earned them an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars, as a source report

Asia Kate Dillon

Asia Kate Dillon's Scene from Billions. ( Source: Instagram)

A Short Bio

Dillon was born on November 15, 1984, in New York, and is lucky to have a supportive and adoring family, especially their mother, about whom Dillon often posts on Instagram expressing their deepest admiration.  

Out of several of Dillon’s tattoos, the one that stands out the most is the neck tattoo “einfühlung,” a German word meaning empathy.