Arthur Bowen Wiki, Age, Boyfriend

Arthur Bowen is 21 years of age in the time being as per wiki...has also kept his dating a secret...also asked his fans to show his girlfriend some love...from the support and inspiration of his parents...not opened up about his family...for the heights he has reached, at this young age...a long run of his career in the as of now...

Arthur Bowen Wiki, Age, Boyfriend

Few stand out their expectations, and fewer presume themselves to make it to what they expected. Not sure whether nor not had the famous Arthur Bowen planned to make it big in his career so early.

But the place he is in today is where he entirely deserves to be.

Arthur is a Harry Potter movie fame actor, whose role as Albus Severus Potter has stunned the audience. He is known for the perfect presentation in the role-play of Harry Potter's middle child.

Before getting the role, Arthur went through some test sessions, including auditions and photo-shoots with Daniel Radcliffe, his on-screen father. Precise detailing of Arthur's looks and acting got him the role, supposedly with no second thought to the makers.

Thus, Arthur shortly played as a boy at the chestnut stand in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Later, in the following movie series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Arthur's role was unveiled as Albus Severus Potter.

No doubt, the perfection in Arthur's acting has already established him in the mindsets of the audience as well as filmmakers.

Thus, he already has a bright future waiting for him in the film industry.

Arthur Bowen's Wiki- Age, Family

The 14th April 1998 born renowned movie actor, Arthur Bowen is 21 years of age in the time being. The native of Oxford, England, has not revealed much about his times with his parents.

His early rise to popularity has led Arthur to be more focused upon his career. It might be the reason he has not opened up about his family.

Most of the details unveiled about Arthur are his career-oriented facts. What-so-ever, it's evident that Arthur has got much of hard work and dedication from the support and inspiration of his parents.

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Moreover, the man must have made each member in his family very proud of himself, for the heights he has reached, at this young age.

As it is said, "Strong root ends up giving fruitful results," Arthur makes it grand in the upcoming days of his career.

Dating a Girlfriend?

Similar to his early family life, Arthur has also kept his dating life a secret. He has not disclosed his relationship status; however, times and again tweeted regarding his girlfriend.

Once in November 2015, Arthur made a tweet about his girlfriend. There, he tagged a lady and wrote that he was hanging out with his new girlfriend.

However, later in April 2017, Arthur again tweeted about his new girlfriend. The lady he tagged this time was Sophie Manson. Arthur further, also asked his fans to show his girlfriend some love.

Arthur Bowen's series of tweets regarding his girlfriend on 14th April 2017 (Photo: Arthur Bowen's Twitter)

Arthur has not given many followups about his relationship with Sophie. Thus, whether or not is Sophie still his girlfriend is an unknown fact to his fans and followers.

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Already entered the entertainment with an incredible thrill, Arthur must be busy with his professional life as of now. He has a long run of his career in the movies.

Hence, he must be busy setting a better path for his career in the future and giving most of his time to his work.

However, Arthur's fans are always hopeful about the fact that the man reveals his relationship status to them, sooner or later.