Will Sasso Gay Talks | Wife, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Famous American-Canadian actor Will Sasso began his career from a young age of...hosted the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2006...has amassed a net worth of... has hidden the personal life safely...is seen joking about having a wife on his Twitter...is speculated to be a single man...shows full support in gay marriages...

Will Sasso Gay Talks | Wife, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Quick Information

Age does not matter when it comes to receiving success. Some might gain it early while some might gain it late.

Just like that, the famous actor Will Sasso recognized his passion for acting from a young age. Since 15, he has been dedicating himself in the field of television and big screens and has never failed to amaze his fans with his superb acting skills.

Who Is Will Sasso?

He is an American-Canadian Actor. He was born on 24 May 1975 in Ladner British Columbia, Canada to an Italian family. From a tender age of three, Will was involved in watching comedy series on television which created a passion inside him to become one remarkable artist. Therefore, to make his dream come true, Will moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

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Inspired by many artists, Will began his career as an actor in his mid-teens. His skills were appreciated very quickly and he got him the opportunity to feature in films and series.

Some of his contribution in television includes Madison, an award-winning series, MADtv, and Less Than Perfect. Also, he starred in the movies like Christopher Guest, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Beverly Hills Ninja, Tow, and Half Men.

His Net Worth

Being one of the renowned actors of all time, Will has received not only fame but also a wealthy sum of money. He hosted for the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2006 and the NHL-award ceremony for 2005-2006.

As an actor, who has given so much to the Hollywood, Will has already amassed a net worth of 4 million dollars.

Will Sasso Gay Or Has Wife?

Because of his charming looks and personality, Will is questioned frequently by his fans concerning love life. Despite the interrogation, the 43-year old American-Canadian actor has been able to hide his personal life safely.

However, Will is seen jokingly speaking about having a wife on his Twitter. For instance, back on 5 August 2014, he tweeted about his future wife and children.

Moreover, on 4 November 2015, Will called the actress Molly B Sims as his wife and also noted it might not be factual. In addition to this, he mentioned the model Adriana Lima on 20 February 2015 as his wife humorously. 

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Interestingly, Will is one of those celebrities, who show full support in gay marriages. Supporting the statement in 2012, he tweeted the picture of his female-portrayed character. There, Will stated that he would marry himself if he was gay.

Will Sasso tweets about gay-marriage on Twitter on 9 May 2012 (Photo: Will Sasso's Instagram)

Also, he starred as a gay plumber in a comedy series back in 2008. As Will is seen speaking in support of LGBT community, he is often speculated to be gay just like actor Jake Stormoen. But as he does not give an explicit detail about his preferences, it is hard to state if Will is gay or straight.