Kimberly Dozier Married, Husband, Partner, Lesbian, Net Worth, CNN

Date: 25 Jul, 2017

Kimberly Dozier Married, Husband, Partner, Lesbian, Net Worth, CNN

Kimberly Dozier is one of the today’s amazing journalists who reached a great height of success. She brought many excellent aspects to the world of journalism. You are here to read about the professional and personal life of Kimberly which will help you to know her in detail. At the age of 51, Dozier got the name and fame almost every journalist wants to get. Her tremendous achievements separate her from other regular writers of her time. She was born in 1966 and celebrates her birthday on the 6th of July.

Kimberly is a fantastic anchor who had big plans to make a name in the world of communication. She was born in Hawaii. She attended St. Timothy’s School in Maryland. Kimberly learned a lot about life when she went to the all-girls boarding school.

After her high school, she joined Wellesley College and earned a bachelor’s degree. After that, Kimberly attended the University of Virginia in 1993 and received a master’s degree in foreign affairs. Because of her education, she became able to reach this height of success today.

Today, Kimberly contributes as a writer for The Daily Beast. She also serves CNN in the best way possible. Kimberly covered intelligence and counterterrorism as a correspondent and worked with Associated Press for about 17 years. She was responsible for taking care of the correspondence in Baghdad, Iraq. One time in 2006, she met an accident where she has been severely injured.

Kimberly never rejected any risks in her life. She went to harshest of zones and covered the most unexpected scenarios. This is the reason why Kimberly earned a good sum of money in her career. She has a significant net worth, but she chooses not to talk about the amount in public.

After the attack she faced in Iraq, Kimberly had to go to Germany for treatment. Doctors carried out more than ten surgeries on her after the assault. Kimberly’s boyfriend visited her several times while she was in the hospital. Even though she was in bed, she always felt that her family and her man was always beside her wishing her to get better as soon as possible. According to doctors, the presence of Russ in Germany was one of the biggest things that enhanced her healing.

Despite the fact that her boyfriend is Pete, we can’t say with confidence that they got married to each other. There is no information about her husband and life partner in detail. The absence of her wedding photos makes people doubt her sexuality and think if she is a lesbian.

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