Aaron Goodwin Bio, Wife, Divorce, Single, Net Worth, Weight Loss

Date: 13 Jun, 2018

Aaron Goodwin Bio, Wife, Divorce, Single, Net Worth, Weight Loss

American camera operator Aaron Goodwin is also famous as the co-star of the Travel Channel’s reality series Ghost Adventures. Previously, Aaron also worked for the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a cameraman.

Besides his on-screen professional career, Aaron has an interesting off-screen life. From being married to a divorcee, keep on scrolling for all the facts of Aaron Goodwin!




Aaron Goodwin Happily Married? Divorced?

Aaron Goodwin shared a blissful married life with his wife, Sheena Goodwin. However, the couple couldn’t carry the after-marriage life for more which subsequently resulted in a heartbreaking divorce.

Aaron was married to Sheena during his first episodes of “Ghost Adventures.” However, Goodwin confessed mysterious ghostly happening was a significant reason that instigated him to break the vows with his wife.

During his time as a ghost reporter in 2011, Goodwin confessed his wife had nightmares when he left for his work. Goodwin was concerned about his wife and immediately ended his marriage to keep her out of the unnatural trauma.

Aaron posted an image of his ex-wife Sheena on his Twitter account back in October 2012. He shared his happiness of getting to meet her and hang out after a divorce.

Aaron Goodwin with ex-wife Sheena Goodwin (Photo: Aaron Goodwin's Twitter)

Meantime, Aaron tweeted a picture in August 2015 and confessed he was single and ready with new looks.

Quick Glance at Aaron Goodwin’s Bio: Age, Career

Aaron Goodwin was born on 1 April 1976, in Portland, Oregon. Aaron grew up in Portland before moving to Vegas with his interest in working with cameras.

Aaron Goodwin, at the age of 42, has accomplished his primary childhood dream to work as a camera operator and paranormal investigator.

Aaron worked as a cameraman for the Ultimate Fighting Championship before achieving fame in the reality TV. Aaron initiated his TV career serving as the host of numerous TV series like Ghost Fit, My Hometown with Aaron Goodwin, and The Perfect Shot with Aaron Goodwin.

After gaining popularity in TV industry, Aaron joined Ghost Adventures in 2008. Goodwin, along with his fellow investigator, Zak Bagans interviewed the eyewitnesses at every haunted location.

As a ghost fighter on Ghost Adventures, Goodwin stated that not only his professional career but also his physical fitness was equally important. Aaron mentioned gaining weight loss through dieting and exercise. He was 254 pounds back then and avoided junk food to keep himself fit and healthy. 

However, the mysterious news disseminated on the social media which revealed Goodwin was fired from Ghost Adventures. The reports from unexplained-mysteries in 2014 suggested Travel Channel decided to let go of Aaron Goodwin from the show. According to the channel's executive Richard Roscolelli, Goodwin was accused of ranting about the channel and blaming them for changing official and paranormal stories to a mockery. However, the news turns out to be fake as Goodwin is continuing his career investigating on Ghost Adventures.

Aaron Goodwin enjoys the resounding net worth of $1.5 million thanks to his commanding salary at Travel Channel.