Peyton Lambton Bio, Age, Married, Husband, Partner, Baby, Instagram

Date: 07 Jun, 2017

Peyton Lambton Bio, Age, Married, Husband, Partner, Baby, Instagram

When you are a wife of an actor, you get the similar spotlight as your husband gets. Peyton is married to Chris Lambton who is a renowned actor in Hollywood. He is famous for his works in Yard Crashers, The Bachelorette, and Going Yard. Chris was born on the 26th of March in 1977, but we can’t tell you about the birth of Peyton or her age. Peyton is lucky that her husband is a famous one in the industry.

Peyton never talked about her family and her parents. Her family must be euphoric about the happy married life that she is living with Chris. Her husband Chris is a hard working man who does all his best to deliver amazing roles on the screen. Due to that reason, he has pleased everyone he worked for in his life. We expect him to rise to fame in the years to come. The recognition is directly related to the popularity that Peyton receives. 

Lambton couple is married for a long time. Chris is a great husband who proved to help his wife out in every hard time. He supports her and encourages her to become a better person. With the love and care of her husband, she has been able to manage her household as well as her work. It is her pleasure that she chose a perfect boyfriend who later became such an excellent partner. After dating each other for some time, they decided to take their love to the next level.

Peyton gave birth to a baby girl recently. She is a healthy baby that has brought tremendous joy in the Lambton family. The couple enjoys taking care of her and loves her very much. From the pictures that Peyton posts on Instagram, we can tell that Chris enjoys taking care of the baby as much as Peyton enjoys it. It is happy to see them share responsibilities like this. People are inspired by her and follow her to know how her days as a new mother are going. 

Even Twitter has become a place where people hear from her. She’s keenly sharing her posts on Instagram on Twitter. It is not easy to reach out to almost 28k people on Twitter. Her baby girl Lyla is a blessing in their life. She has brought so much of happiness and laughter. 

They welcomed their baby couple of days before Thanksgiving. She is her first child. But they have already adopted a mountain dog and named him Summit. They went through many emotions when they were having a baby. The wait to have the baby in their arms was the biggest feeling they had. 

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