Naveen Andrews Wiki, Married, Wife, Gay, Partner, Twitter, Interview

Date: 04 Jun, 2017

Naveen Andrews Wiki, Married, Wife, Gay, Partner, Twitter, Interview

His intense looks and fast acting have made millions of people a fan of him. He is a very versatile actor, and his roles in TV shows and movies proves it. He is none other than the fantastic actor Naveen Andrews.

He was born in 1969 on 17th of January. His age is 48 years. He was born in Lambeth which lies in London of United Kingdom. His nationality is British. His parents are Stanley Andrews and Nirmala Andrews. He got his talent from his parents as well.

His parents were well settled, but this did not give him the perfect platform to build himself, but instead, his home was abusive to him. His father was a businessman whereas his mother was a psychologist. Both of his parents were however not from here as they were immigrants from Kerala of India. There is, however, some twist in his story though. His home was not that happy for him. Instead, he leaves the house to avoid the abuse.   

His personal life has not been as he would have desired. His first relationship was with his school teacher, and the couple had this relationship when he was only 16 years old. The couple started to live in a live-in relationship. He separated from his first partner in the year 1991.

He has had other relationship as well till now, but he has never been married which means he has not had a wife till date. He was also in a relationship with his partner and girlfriend Barbara Hershey. The couple started living together from 1998 but sadly separated in the year 2009.

He has a total of two children till now. He has had to go to court for the custody of one of his child. He has had various problems within himself too. He was addicted to alcohol and heroin, and he has confessed to it recently in an interview. It seems like he is sober now. He is not gay at all.

He is a very wealthy man. His net worth is a jaw-dropping 10 million dollars. Various wiki sites contain information on him and his biography. He is also active on favorite social networking sites such as Twitter.

He played the role of Bike in a movie called London Kills Me in the year 1991, and this can be said of his debut role. He did the role of Kip Singh in a very successful movie called The English Patient back in the year 1996. This work of his got him a nomination for the mighty Screen Actors Guild Award for the category of Outstanding Performance, and it was in or by a Cast in a Motion Picture. He is a gem, and he will remain this way.