Terry Serpico Bio, Family, Married, Wife, Height, Net Worth, 2017

Date: 21 Dec, 2017

Terry Serpico Bio, Family, Married, Wife, Height, Net Worth, 2017

Terry Serpico has been for long in the acting field, and it looks like he has learned everything he needs to know. From a raw talent, he has turned out to be a solid actor in these past years. The way he acts now can be taken as an example of how fine he has been shaped. So, as an actor, he has evolved tremendously, and he can almost be called as a veteran. 

A Look at Terry’s Career:

Terry’s career mentions that he has remained active in the field of acting since 1995. It has been twenty-two years of his journey which is a long period. In this duration, he has played different roles in dozens of shows. Actually, his professional journey began in 1997 when he was given a cast in his first major acting role in Donnie Brasco. At the very beginning of the career, he started it all from being a stunt performer.

Talking about television field, he has played in tv series like Law & Order, Criminal minds, Designated Survivor and many more. Similarly, he has given his appearance on the big screen too by acting in films like The Departed, Man on a Ledge, The Interpreter, etc. The list is long in fact. As per 2017, there is no information given about his net worth and salary. 

Is Terry Married?

So, what is Terry’s relationship status? In this respect, the first and the foremost thing that most of us naturally think is that he is a family man with a wife and children. Later, they divorced and are not together as per latest update. He met his ex-wife at the Rodero Bar in New York and he was a bartender and she was the assistant manager. But their split was not recorded in any of the sites. Yes, he was married to Erin M. Goodwin before, and the couple also had two children named son Calvin and a younger daughter, Stella. But after their divorce, Terry’s relationship status is still a mystery. He might have remarried someone, or he could be single too.

Caption: Terry Serpico with his wife Erin Serpico
Source: Liverampup

The probability is also there that he is secretly dating someone. In this case, simply can wonder who this lucky lady might be. But there are not any sources which reveal the truth.

Terry's Brief Bio:

Terry Serpico was born on June 27, 1964. That makes him of the age fifty-three. His birth took place in Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma, America. So, he is an American citizen by nationality, and he represents white ethnicity. Since he was a military brat, he grew up on Army bases across the United States and in Europe. His wiki mentions that he was the youngest son of his parents among three children. FAther's name is Frank Serpico but he is not the one who was the inspiration for AI Pacino film, Serpico. 

Regarding his education, he went to Boston University before transferring to and graduating from the State University of New York at Purchase in 1989. He likes physical activities a lot, can be said so because he is an active crossfitter and he also enjoys golf and surfing. He’s in his fifties, yet his physique is in great shape and talking about his height he stands 6 feet (1.83) tall.