Rick Leventhal Married, Wife, Divorce, Daughters, Fox News, Salary

Date: 13 Jul, 2017

Rick Leventhal Married, Wife, Divorce, Daughters, Fox News, Salary

Rick Leventhal is a senior correspondent working diligently with Fox News Channel. He was born on the 24th of January in the year 1960. He was born with the birth name of Richard Gary Leventhal. At the age of 57, Rick has become a face that people remember. He is popular among the television viewers who admire his presentation skills. You will find all the details of his life here. Read more to know about his personal and professional life.

Richard is a handsome man standing tall at the height of 5ft. 10 inches. He looks dashing when he appears on your television sets. He has a sense of fashion and chooses perfect clothes to wear while anchoring. He achieved so much in his life. His parents are happy for he has become one of the popular men in the industry. They supported him when he wanted to attend American University and chose to make a career in the news industry.

Rick didn’t land up in Fox News Channel without establishing a strong background in his work. He spent many years as a reporter anchoring for several local news channels. Because Rick has a BA in broadcast journalism, it was sure for him to enter a real network with the amount of experience gained. He actively started working in 1987, and since then, he never had to turn back. He chose a perfect career that followed his interest.

Rick got married twice in his life. His first wife Penny Daniels took care of him for a long time. He then divorced her to marry with Beth. Rick has two daughters. His money that comes from his salary and his net worth help him to provide for his family.

Rick understands the importance of social media. Rick reaches out to a wide range of people using his profiles on various social media platforms. If you are his fan, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Many of his fans follow all of his profiles and get to know what he shares. There are around one thousand posts on his Instagram. There are amazing photos on his profile. We can guess by the photos he uploads that he loves to take pictures and share it with the people. He is also available on Facebook sharing various statuses that update us on what he is up to these days. 

You can also find Rick on Twitter. He already tweeted more than 9k times. More than 52.9 thousand people follow to get his updates on Twitter. You can read many of his posts and know what kind of person he is. For more information, you can read his biography in different wikis. To learn more about your favorite celebrities, you can always come back to us.