Gina Neely Married, Divorce, Husband, Children, Bio, Net Worth, 2017

Date: 24 Feb, 2018

Gina Neely Married, Divorce, Husband, Children, Bio, Net Worth, 2017

Behind the beautiful face of this excellent television host are hidden stories that take a lot of courage to come out. Gina’s life got a huge success as she is one of the most popular hosts working with Food Network. She is not only famous as a host but also as an author. Her show that she hosted with her husband in the past became highest-rated. 

If you have the unique sense of work that you do, no one can stop you from becoming famous. Gina is a chef that made a place in her viewers’ heart with the lovely food that she taught to cook. In the year 2008, she made her entry in the television with Down Home with the Neelys. Gina expressed her love for food and family in the show. 

After the success of her show, she wrote and published her cookbook. Her book and the recipes gained their place in the New York best seller list. She even released her second book as she began to climb the stairs of success. Because of the fame and name she received, her net worth increased to thousands of dollars.

Personal life

Gina fell in love when she was in her high school. Her boyfriend from those years became her husband in 1994. She had never thought that they could end up getting married after meeting at a college reunion. Nothing in life goes as planned not even the 20 years of marriage between Gina and Patrick could live on forever. 

Life went on smooth when they began working together in their love life. From the year they got married, they lived on happily. Now in 2017, it has already been three years that the couple got divorced. It was a shock for all the audience when Gina announced that she was getting divorced from her husband. 

Neely couple managed to hide the struggle in their relationship for almost seven seasons of their hit show. According to Gina, there were irreconcilable differences in their relation. The fact that they have two children together didn’t stop the couple from separating. Gina believes that Patrick is a great person but also believes that he is not appropriate for her. After spending years and years together, they found that they couldn’t live together anymore. 

A Short Bio

At the age of 52 years, Gina stands as a gorgeous lady who captivates people every time her show is on. She was born in the year 1965 and celebrates her birthday on the 10th of June. She grew up in Memphis. She is an inspirational chef who left the audience in awe of her skills and her recipes in her books. She also owns a restaurant that helped her reach her television audience with food.