Forrest Sawyer Married, Wife, Divorce, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio

Date: 09 May, 2017

Forrest Sawyer Married, Wife, Divorce, Daughter, Family, Net Worth, Bio

Forrest Sawyer is an American broadcast journalist who carries the reputation of professional legacy with him. It is so because he has stayed in this field for a long period and he has shown brilliance in work. No wonder, he has won numerous awards; also including the special place in peoples’ hearts. Let us know about this man’s life in a more closer way.

Sawyer began his career from the radio station. But after some time, he moved into the television business through Atlanta’s commercial television called WAGA-TV. This was his first television channel, but after this, he gave his hundred percent to the work which caused him not to look back anytime. Gradually, he got attention from other channels too, and thus he landed in stations like ABC and CBS.

Sawyer is a very experienced journalist when it comes to his work. He has an experience of more than twenty-four years in reporting from all around the globe. He is no less than a veteran who has served his time in channels like ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. During his time on ABC, he anchored the award-winning prime-time newsmagazines like “Day one” and “Turning Point.”He performed the role of war correspondent too; thus reporting every action of United States. In 1990 and 1991, he dedicated eight months covering the Gulf War and giving various exclusives from Baghdad to Iran to Saudi Arabia.

During his career in journalism for more than two decades, he has taken consideration on environmental issues too. He had provided reports on climate change. He has reported on how human activity has impacted the environment. He has done the reporting on deforestation in the Amazon. His report also includes the water issues in the Everglades. Also, he covered the increased tornado and storm activity for a week in Discovery Channel.   

In his long career, Forrest has been honored with many awards. They include the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, Seven national Emmy Awards, two Sigma Delta Awards, an Associated Press Award, two Edward R. Murrow Awards, an Ohio State  Award, an Ark Award and two American Psychological Association Awards. So when we try to measure his success regarding money, we can say that he has done a superb job. However, we can’t say how much does it worth as the figure of his net worth has not been provided.

Moving on to the next subject matter which is his personal life, we can’t say much about it. This is because he has kept his personal matters in much secrecy- not revealing a single word. We can only assume that he is a married man who lives happily in the presence of his wife and children.

NO words of rumors about his divorce have been heard ever. So we can suppose that he leads a family life. Since he has crossed his youthful days, it’s really the critical period of his life where he wants the company of his family where he gets immense love and care from his daughters and sons. By far though we don’t know his actual personal condition, we can definitely wish him for good.

His short bio reveals that he was born and raised up in Lakeland, Florida. He completed his preliminary education from Kathleen High School and for higher studies he went to the University of Florida, from where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Eastern Philosophy and World Religions and a Master’s degree in Education.