Charrisse Jackson Jordan Wiki: Age, Husband, Net Worth

Date: 22 Jun, 2018

Charrisse Jackson Jordan Wiki: Age, Husband, Net Worth

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is widely known for her appearance in Bravo TV’s reality show, The Real Housewives of Potomac. She has as well appeared in various shows and events such as Men Against Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society. She has also worked in nonprofitable organizations and is a fantastic dancer.

She is married to her then-boyfriend NBA star turned into a coach. Charrisse has two children; a son and a daughter, whom she loves genuinely. She was proud of her marriage but then why did the couple file for divorce?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s Family, Career

Television personality, Charrisse was born in the year 1965 in New Jersey and celebrates her birthday on 16th July. Charrisse, aged 52, does not seem like a woman in her 50’s as she spends hours in the gym to keep her body in shape.

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She stands at the height of five feet and six inches. Charrisse is notoriously private about her personal life and does not reveal much about her parents but her current family.

She enrolled in the Morgan State University in Baltimore and received an undergraduate degree in Telecommunication. After her degree, Charrisse went back to Garden State and worked as a teacher and a site facilitator for after-school programming in New Brunswick. Before her appearance in the Real House Wives of Potomac, she was the president of Behind the Bench and Basketball Wives Association as well.

In the reality show, Real Housewives of Potomac, Charrisse was also a cast along with other six contestants. She is very protective of her family, and like an eagle, she is ready to do anything for her family. During the show, Charrisse called out another cast, Ashley, on Twitter stating to have a couple of kids before judging her life.

Charrisse is into humanitarian works and has a pure heart, wanting to do something for the people in need. So, she uses her fame and fortune for raising awareness and charity funds.

Earlier, in the year 2014, she won the charity dancing event called D.C. Dancing Stars. In her years of succession, she has an estimated net worth of over $8 million, according to some wiki sources.

Why Does Charrisse Want A Divorce?

Charrisse, in the first season of Real House Wives of Potomac, was proud of her marriage with the NBA star turned into a coach, Eddie Jordan.

But it is true that time changes and so do people. The couple first dated each other before marrying in the year 1997. They even have two children, a son named Jackson, and a daughter named Skylar. From her posts in the social media, it seems she loves her children.

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Charrisse's daughter Skylar is all grown up and has now moved on at the dorm od Spelman College.  Her Instagram posts showed the heavy heart Charrisse was having while she moved Skylar. She even captioned the picture as 'bittersweet' expressing her sadness.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan with her daughter Skylar on 8 August 2018 2017 (Photo: Charrisse Jackson Jordan's Instagram)

The reason as stated by the star, Charrisse, herself seems to be her husband, Eddie being against her appearance in reality show, Real Housewives of Potomac. Eddie did not want Charrisse to be a part of the show and warned her not to, and if she did, he would file a divorce. To this, the couple hired their own attorney. Jordan stated that if everything went as in the documents, they’d be divorced by December 2017. No statements have been made by the stars yet, except Jordan being ready to date.

But on 2 September 2018, Charrise opened up about the main reason why she wanted to separate from her husband Eddie. She told soapdirt that her husband cheated on her.

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She talked about he miserable marriage life as her husband started showing the signs of cheating since their eight years of marriage. Though Eddie kept on cheating Charrisse, she never tried to let go of him and moved to New Jersey. While in New Jersey, Eddie got a new job and eventually moved a woman into the house. Though their divorce is yet to be confirmed, Charrisse admitted that she wasted her life with her husband and finally gave up on him.