James Comey's Wife Patrice Failor Wiki: Age, Parents, Job & Net Worth

Date: 05 Nov, 2018

James Comey's Wife Patrice Failor Wiki: Age, Parents, Job & Net Worth

You can't say you don't discern James Comey unless you are utterly oblivious of the rise of Donald Trump as the president of the United States. James Comey worked as an FBI director until Trump abruptly fired him on 9 May 2017 because of his inclination to the Democrats' block. 

Along with the popularity of James Comey, there comes the name of his wife, Patrice Failor. Know all about her age height, parents, net worth, job and more interesting facts that you shouldn't miss!

Patrice Failor’s Age, Net Worth

Although her exact birthdate is unknown to the public, it is known that her birthday falls on 10 November.

Since she is a secretive person in real life, many of the details about her life are unavailable except for the thing that she attended Mary and Williams college for her education in 1978. She graduated with a degree in counseling in 1982.

Patricia, like her husband, also bears a tall height. While her husband James stands tall at the height of 6 feet 8 inches tall (2.03 meters), Patrice is almost close to 6 feet.

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As for her job, Patrice has worked as a volunteer in Bridgeport superior court. Also, she has been involved in Juvenile Justice Issues. With a prolific career, it is certain that Patrice earns a substantial income. While her net worth is $1 million, her husband’s net worth is a mammoth $11 million.

Patrice Failor And James Comey

Along with a degree in counseling, Patrice also found something precious during her college days: her husband, James Comey. As to talk about their first meeting, both of them has a different story to say.

While Patrice insists to have seen Comey in a cocktail party, James claims that they met when she suggested him to run for the president of Dorm council. Whenever they met, the duo got married in 1987 after dating for five years. 

As of now, their relationship has already celebrated the pearl jubilee.

Patrice Failor Family, Children

It would not be too erroneous to say that she is more than happy living with her family. Interstingly, her family is blessed with five children namely Maurene, Brien, Abby, Claire, and Kate.

Patricia Failor spends quality time with James Comey and her children (Photo:

Sadly, James and Patrice lost their sixth child, Collin to Group B Strep Infection when he was merely nine days old back in 1995. Although the incident hit the family by trauma, they, somehow, managed to get out of the disastrous condition. They currently reside am euphoric life in Virginia.