Jeanne O'Neil Grier Bio, Age, Net Worth, Will Grier

Date: 11 Jun, 2019

Jeanne O'Neil Grier Bio, Age, Net Worth, Will Grier

Some people are known more for their personal life more than their job. However, it is not always a matter of relationships and controversies, but about pride, and you need to earn it through your affection.

Jeanne O’Neil is known for being the wife of a famous American Football star. She is one of the most recognized names when it comes to the wives of massive sports stars.

Apart from her image as the wife of a player, Jeanne has also set an image of herself as an Instagram star. She shares beautiful photos of herself as well as her family, that has already gained her more than 62K followers.

Besides, although Jeanne is professionally a cheerleader and a dancer, she is not very active in her professional life as of now.

Hence, Jeanne’s share of the property and net worth cannot be predicted as she has made a pause to her professional life in the time being. Hopefully, the lady gets back to her job soon.

Jeanne O’Neil Grier Wedding With Husband, Children

Jeanne O’Neil got married to the famed American Football Quarterback, Will Grier, on 26 July 2016. Jeanne met her husband during their days in the University of Florida where Jeanne was pursuing her degree as NFL cheerleader, and professional dancer and Will was a player for Florida Gators.

What connects Jeanne and Will so profoundly, is their in-depth understanding of each other. Their enthusing relation is apparent in the way the two have dealt with the hard times in each other’s lives together. 

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In his career as a footballer, Will had to go through some harsh times. Will’s career in the field was in the height when he got suspended due to the positive result in the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) test.

Jeanne always stood by his side during the hardest phase of her husband’s career. This apparently resulted in their love to get even more profound and thus, helped the two share their wedding vows.

Furthermore, Jeanne and Will’s happiness was doubled after Jeanne gave birth to their first ever baby. Their baby daughter, Eloise Marie Grier was born in November 2016.

Jeanne O'Neil Grier & her husband Will Grier and pose with their daughter Eloise on 7 May 2019 (Photo: Jeanne O'Neil Grier's Instagram)

As of now, Jeanne and Will keep sharing their pictures of their little-big moments with their daughter.

Their social media pictures with their daughter perfectly portray the parents-children relationship, which is very much satisfying for the eyes to watch. 

Jeanne O’Neil Grier Bio - Age, Family

Born in 1994, the famous media personality, Jeanne O’Neil, is 25 years of age. The United States-born wife of a favorite American Football star celebrates her birthday on 21 February every year.

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Unlike her openness about her present family life, Jeanne has not opened much about her past family life with her parents and siblings.

Hence, Jeanne’s actual ethnicity is hidden from the public as she has been quite secretive about her family background.

However, some of her early social media posts reveal that the whole of Jeanne’s family has been sports fans. Moreover, she also has a sibling brother who is younger to her.