Brian Puspos Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend

Date: 08 Apr, 2019

Brian Puspos Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend

Millions of people have got a passion for dance, but only a few talented ones can make it to the top. Among the few names comes the renowned dancer and choreographer, Brian Puspos.

Brian Puspos is well-recognized for the slick dance moves and choreography that he posts on his YouTube channel. He was the former member of the SoReal Cru, who were the runner ups in the Season 2 of the dance reality television series, America’s Best Dance Crew.

Brian Puspos Bio (Age), Family

Born on 2 May 1986, Brian Puspos' parents raised him in Houston, Texas, the U.S. Coming from a Filipino family, Brian learned about his culture, although he grew up as an American kid. Standing at an average height, Brian, who loves exercising, hits the gym quite often and has an incredible physique.

For his education, Brian went to Cypress Creek High School, located in Harris County, Texas. Brian’s interest in dancing and singing grew as his parents were also ballroom dancers.

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The dancing genes did come naturally to him, but Brian’s passion and dedication to it could be seen from an early age. As he grew up, Brian took part in various dance shows and even played the role of a backup dancer in multiple performances.

Finding Solace In One Another

Brian, with his killer moves and attractive personality, has left people around him, head over heels for him. However, it is unfortunate for his fans as this handsome hunk is already taken.

Brian is currently dating his longtime girlfriend, Aja Dang. Aja is a fashion model, unlike Brian, who comes from a dancing field. She has worked with various magazines like Fox Sports, Maxime Magazine, Xbox LIVE and is known for her exotic looks.

The duo who has been dating for over six years lives together in Los Angeles, California. The long-haul pair is really taking it to the next level for they like looking for ways to budgeting their finances together. Years of getting to perceive one another, and they had still not discovered a right budgeting balance between the two of them. So revealed Aja, in the budget video, she published on her YouTube channel named after her in 30th April 2019.

The story that began as of the year 2013 brought plenty of goodies in their life. From traveling together to struggling together in difficult times, they sure have found the solace in each other's embrace.

Brian Puspos with his girlfriend Aja Dang during their trip to Calgary, Alberta on 27 August 2019 (Photo: Aja Dang's Instagram)

The couple is loved by their fans and followers to have always informed them on ventures of theirs, be it something of less importance or other times something huge. On the 27th of August 2019, they had another wondrous trip to Calgary, Alberta as they attended a beautiful wedding of some of their friends.

Also, it might not be long from now before we get to refer them as husband and wife.

Brian Puspos Net Worth

Brian Puspos, who is considered the fresh face of the dance industry, has already conducted workshops and taught in over 40 countries worldwide. He has also worked with world-renowned artists like BTS, Justing Bieber, Chris Brown to develop some killer moves for them.

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Brian, who also loves singing made his debut EP titled Slow Love and Bangin.

As he has made some significant contributions to the dance world, Brian also earned the 2012 and 2014 title of the Male Choreographer of the Year by World Of Dance. In recent time (2019),  Brian choreographed All I Got by Tone Stith, at the same time keeping his fingers crossed for the soon to be released album.

With achievements like these, Brian’s dancing career has helped him garner a substantial amount of net worth.