Aaron Marino Age, Wife, Gay, Family, Bodybuilding

Date: 12 Jun, 2018

Aaron Marino Age, Wife, Gay, Family, Bodybuilding

Lifestyle and fitness expert Aaron Marino has made a name for himself with more than 3.8 million subscribers on his style-and-grooming YouTube Channel. Aaron has also got popularity with his successfully released e-book The Male Style Guide.

Besides style and fashion, Marino initiated his fitness center and successfully carried it for six years. Aaron’s recognizable career as a fitness and style expert has tempted most of his fans and followers to know him from the core.

Aaron Marino’s Closure on Gay Debate: Enjoys Blissful Married-Life With Beautiful Wife!

It is not a humdinger that the male fashion stylists are most frequently questioned about their sexuality. Alpha M brand owner Aaron Marino faced the same argument. 

Addressing the question of whether a gay man can be an alpha male in his YouTube video back in October 2015, Aaron stated that to call Alpha a gay is insignificant. He further added all could be alpha males, but it comes down to how well people can handle their character and bring the high value to the world.

In the same video, Aaron enlightened the fact that he was questioned about his sexual preferences considering his career as a male fashion expert.

Aaron Marino shares fashion and style tips typically on his YouTube channel. However, in August 2017, Marino spoke about his relationship status on his YouTube video. He confronted his 15-year togetherness with a beautiful wife. As per his statement, Aaron was married in 2007 after knowing his future wife for five years.

Meanwhile, Aaron found it unnecessary to reveal the whereabouts of his wife and agreed with the fact that his wife loved to remain off the hook from media exposure. Aaron, who is believed to be still spending a glorious married life hasn’t thought of starting his own family yet.

Aaron Marino’s Bio: Family, Bodybuilding Career, Net Worth

The social media star, Aaron Marino, was born on May 19, 1976, in the United States. The style and fashion sensation stand at the height of 5’6”. 

Aaron seems pretty close to his family. His 2017’s Twitter image revealed his father was getting a makeover with a haircut.

Aaron Marino with his father (Photo: Aaron Marino's Twitter)

Meanwhile, Marino covered a video on his YouTube channel alongside his mother in May 2017. In the video, Aaron’s mom answered 10 YouTube questions asked about the social media star by his fans and followers.

Aaron Marino had a difficult time growing up because of his family’s poor financial condition. However, with the time being, Aaron built himself up and lifted the status of his family as a renowned social media celebrity. Before his career as a fashion and style expert, Aaron started his fitness center and successfully operated it for six years.

Afterward, Marino established Alpha M brand and became a male fashion expert. Crossing more than 3.8 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Aaron continuously provides fashion and style tips and timely shares the bodybuilding tips.

At the age of 42, the style sensation undoubtedly poses a compelling income. The reports suggest Aaron Marino’s net worth dwells around $700,000 thanks to his attractive salary at YouTube.