Nick Frost Wife, Divorce, Gay

Date: 09 Apr, 2019

Nick Frost Wife, Divorce, Gay

English comedian Nick Frost is known for his work in the series of British comedic genre films, The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End.

He also appeared in Joe Cornish's film, Attack the Block and co-starred in the movie, Paul. He even co-wrote the film, Paul with frequent collaborator and best friend, Simon Pegg. 

Nick's Net Worth

Nick Frost with an average weight and height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) started working from a young age.

His close friend Simon and English actress Jessica Hynes wrote a role for Nick in the cult slacker comedy series, Spaced, which was partly based on Simon and Nick's lifestyle.

Later, he appeared in corporate training video clips before gaining fame as Tim's army-obsessed best friend, Mike in Spaced

Nevertheless, his significant exposure came from the cult classic romantic comedy with zombies, Shaun of the Dead. Since then, Nick has made his appearance in several successful comedies like Paul, Hot Fuzz, Attacks the Block, and Quentin Tarantino

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He has garnered his net worth the old-fashioned way and has accumulated a total of $16 million. 

Nick Frost Married To Wife, Divorce

Nick was once married to half-Swedish wife Christina Frost, a production executive.

However, he did not reveal when they met and started dating. What is known is that Nick tied his nuptial knot in 2008 in a private wedding ceremony. 

The pair even welcomed their baby boy Mac in June 2011.

However, Nick's married life did not work with his wife and eventually, the couple separated in 2013. After that, they officially divorced in 2015, under the terms of co-parenting their son. 

Nick Frost with his wife Christina Frost (Photo:

Nevertheless, there was a rumor of him being gay, but he has not talked about his sexuality. Even though he enjoys playing the gay character, his history of having a wife proves that he is not gay.

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Nick Age & Parents

Born on 28 March 1972, Nick Frost spent his childhood in Dagenham, London. Moving onto his parents, his father John Frost and mother Tricia were office furniture designers. While growing up alongside his sister, his sister died of an asthma attack at the age of 18. 

Moreover, besides his sister's death, his family also suffered another tragic.

When Nick was just fifteen years of age, his parents' business failed, and his father's work, assets, and dignity all were stripped away. Later, the bank even took away their home, and they started living next door with their neighbor Chris and her children.

Nick dropped out of Beal High School in Ilford and started working. Moreover, he spent his earned money on drugs, mostly weed and sometimes other things. He was mentally and physically broke down at that moment. 

After the incident, his mother suffered from a stroke, and his father had a massive nervous breakdown and was never the same again.

Due to his parent's situation, he too suffered a lot, and at one point he wanted to be dead.

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One night when he returned home drunk, he stole his father's pills and took it down with more booze. He even wrote a goodbye letter to his mom and dad and apologized and lied on the bed. However, he did not die and woke up the next morning. 

Years later, Nick started working in a Chiwuitos, where he met a girl who eventually and inadvertently changed his life forever.

He liked her a lot, and when he asked her if she was single, the girl denied and mentioned her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the stand-up comedian, Simon Pegg. He became a close friend with him and even flatmates.