Alistair Barrie Birthday, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Bio

Date: 04 May, 2017

Alistair Barrie Birthday, Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Bio

Alistair Barrie doesn’t need any instruction. He is an immensely successful and multi-talented artist whose fame has spread across the world. He is a comedian, writer and an actor who has many directors to look after him to work with him. He is one of those performers who has proven their worth by delivering excellent work. Indeed, the entertainment industry in the international circuit is indebted toward all the contributions that Alistair has given to the industry.

For the fans, it is sad news that he has never said when he celebrates his birthday. Nothing about the family life and his childhood is known by people. Alistair loves to keep things to himself and never talks about his personal life out in public life. He is an educated man who trained him to learn the skills that enhanced his acting skills.

Alistair has never confirmed himself to just living in Britain. He is an international artist and believes in spreading his magic all across the globe. He has performed in different places like Ireland, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Mumbai, Luxemburg, Qatar, Bahrain, Norway, etc. He has almost finished his world tour and performed in all amazing places from America to Europe to Africa and to the Middle East.

When you want something very bad and want to make it work, you will find ways to get the things done. Alistair has managed to perform for four times as a solo performer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Also, he made the most of his chance to host Main Arena at The Cape Town Comedy Festival. Also, many of the UK’s music festival like Reading, Leeds and The Big Chill has given Alistair his chances to prove his potential.

His most recent credits can be counted as Richard & Judy, Champagne Comedy, Green Wing, The Blame Game, Loose Ends and The Sandi Toksvig Show. Along with them, people have also loved his numerous appearances that he has made on television and radio. He has also written for Channel 4, the BBC, Radio 4 and also for many other comedians.

Alistair has gained sufficient net worth for him which has given him a comfortable lifestyle. But even his good salary couldn’t suffice for taking care of his wife who suffered from breast cancer. Yes, Alistair is a married man whose wife Emily has been with him for a long time. But back in 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn’t very good news for Alistair’s parents and the whole family.

Alistair has been a very good husband and has supported his wife despite the stress that she went through during the phase of facing cancer. Since the day he was the boyfriend of Emily, he has proven him to be an honest man. Emily has never regretted dating with Alistair. 

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